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Labeling Physicians as Greedy

"Greedy doctor"

It's a term insurance companies love to use to smear all physicians.

It's meant to shame us into silence.

"Doctors shouldn't care about money. . ."

"Didn't you become a doctor to help people?"

And now. "Surprise bills are caused by greedy physicians."

It's especially disappointing when our colleagues use the term "greedy doctor" to cut down their own colleagues. Our good friend Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, oncologist at University of Pennsylvania but unclear if he actually sees patients still, has been willing to label doctors as greedy here:

When I read this article, I was shocked. Angry.

Then just dejected. Really? Your own colleague thinks of me in this way?

Then doubt. Is speaking out about insurance companies really greedy?

No. I want to make a living as a physician but if this carve out for insurance companies actually happens, PATIENTS WILL SUFFER.

California patients have borne the brunt of benchmarking. Networks have narrowed there and patients complaints regarding access have skyrocketed. With benchmarking, EDs will have a hard time finding specialist coverage. Rural hospitals may close.

There's been several articles recently besides this Washington Post article that has labeled docs as "greedy" for opposing current surprise billing legislation. It's a smear campaign. Period. No physician I know wants patients to receive surprise bills. And refusing to accept ludicrous terms of insurers and speaking out against their heavy handed tactics is NOT greedy. We are protecting our profession and patients.

The good news is that when smear campaigns start picking up in the media. . well, that means someone is nervous.

Label me greedy. Label and slander physicians who sacrifice over and over for their patients. I guarantee it will backfire.

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